Learn 2 Learn

Goal Setting



Goals: Finish drills from the week in the afternoon. Continue reinventing workflow, efficiency, learning tools: Take tools from this week and utilize them in personal blog precess. Spend an hour researching what others are doing. Integrate or dont.

Rest from being sick - spend at least 20 minutes meditating. Wellness is a learning tool, dont overlook it. Reflect on Jame's lightning talk.

Stretch: 1 Hacktober commit before EOD.

Things the weekend: notecards, blog, hacktober and start javascript30.

Reflection: started/or submitted all the drills for the week. Have to redo a few over the weekend. Haven't settled yet on a personal 'blog' process. Research phase done. Blogging sucks unless you are providing good information. Or are an exceptional writer. Neither is me yet. But we'll see - interesting content could be coming as I learn more? Got my mindfulness practice in. Didn't get drunk - trying to get over being sick so next week isn't such a struggle. Really liked that way James put 'embrace the suck', and that people can push body to do anything with the right strategy - intense learning has is the same. Didn't get to Hacktober... but damnit, I really want a t-shirt so its a weekend project now.

End of g70 WEEK 1!!! This roller coaster is just getting started though. Buckle up. Overall: SUCCESS


Goal: finish ATS-2, go over pre-work notes, make notecards/cheatsheet, finish drills, reflect/ write

Stretch: Hacktober, weekend projects: blog process, javascript30

Day was a wash. Woke up sick, home network outage - troubleshooting modem, router, in-home coaxial cable with no luck. Went to coffee shop after taking all the cold medicine and worked on drills. Found that I had not updated the repo and was trying to do drills with the wrong instructions. Positive note: read a shit-ton of documentation on git to find out why I was unable to get these drill instructions right.

Things for Friday and the weekend: notecards, blog, hacktober and start javascript30.

To Improve: Breaks/Balance. Overall: progress, but not a full success


Goal: familiarize basic git/github skills using command line. Be able to work through essentials of git procedure: checkout, stage, commit.

Stretch: Hacktober. Improve: workstation through customizing iTerm2, Atom, add productivity apps.

Reflection: Wednesday in class was great. Gained new skills through independant learning. Breakout was interesting and complimented goals.

However, I lost some time and had issues focusing. I was distracted by the volume of subject areas I wanted to work on versus the things I needed to work on. This reminds me most of when I was learning on my own - getting overwhelmed by options and never getting anything done. for hours. all the time. I did finish editing my pre-Day 1 blog post - which I think was actually posted on Galvanize's blog... yeeesh, I need to talk with them about giving me publish access. This was great publicity (I got Slacked about how lame and kool-aidy it sounded), but I definitely have some control issues - re: naming the blog series, etc. Having workd here for so damn long before finally doing the immersive - it certainly adds some layers of strangeness to things, but Galvanize is already like a home for me.

In general, I am needing to improve on managing breaks/breaktime, Clearing and Setting the stage, And finding a play-state where I am comfortable growing and trying new things. I am finding myself able to extrapolate out a possible future in this field, which is great... but thinking about what I want to do becomes obsession and the chatter is distracting.

Definitely a goal moving forward is to keep on these L2L strategies. Clear/Set. Play. Reflect. (I'm considering adding a daily bullet list of goals - hardthings first style.)

Note for weekend projects: LAUNCH MY PERSONAL BLOG. Writing is great. Definitely achieved basic git proficiency. push/pull, staging, commiting. No Hacktober yet - still have more than 10 days. Customizing workstation is a WIP. Want to add aliases and some other apps.

Overall: SUCCESS