This is the first of what will likely be many redesigns of my blog. I've decided that as I go I'd like to feature my writing here as opposed to the many prewritten templates. Currently this page features my writups on learning topics, reflections of events I'm attending, and goal setting.

What's coming? Why check back? Projects, tutorials, design changes and so much more. This will be where I make my more frequent changes. All content featured here will be my own, for now.

Learn 2 Learn

First steps of the Galvanize Immersive involves re-learning how to take in information. We spend time reflecting on what changes to make to continuously improve our learning methods.

Goal Setting

This is a skill that I am finding I can improve on all the time. SMART goals, reflections, focusing on process over product - this exercise compares goals set to outcomes.


As a student I am attending many events to learn and network. Denver has a great meetup environment and seems very friendly to both learners and experienced developers.